Internet of Public Service Jobs - 29/06/2024

Internet of Public Service Jobs - 29/06/2024
Internet of Public Service Jobs is a weekly list of vacancies related to product management, agile and design in…you guessed it…‘public service’ curated by @jukesie

[01] Head of Digital Products
The FA (Women's Professional Game)
No salary information
Closing date: 15/07/2024

[02] Product Manager - Platform Technology
The Met Office
£41,725 - £45,257
Closing date: 14/07/2024

[03] Digital Product Manager
England and Wales Cricket Board
No salary information
Closing date: 07/07/2024

[04] Product Manager
Ordnance Survey
£43,393 - £51,050
Closing date: 07/07/2024

[05] Service Director: Customer & Digital Services
Cambridgeshire County Council
Alconbury, Cambridgeshire
Closing date: /

[06] Digital and Innovation Director
Science Museum
Bradford, London, Manchester, York
Closing date: 19/07/2024

[07] Head of Workforce Strategy and Transformation
Central Digital and Data Office
Bristol, Manchester
£64,700 - £69,200
Closing date: 07/07/2024

[08] Web and Digital Programme Lead
Southwark Council
£56,271 - £69,990
Closing date: 12/07/2024

[09] Product Manager for Staff Experience
Closing date: /

[10] Product Manager
Clarion Housing Group
London / Hybrid
£66,038 - £90,802
Closing date: 04/07/2024

I had a good but busy week that felt very 'before times', welled up a bit on a train reading this article about the importance of public libraries and had two 'flattering' portraits drawn of me - can you tell which was by a colleague and which was by my favourite five year old?

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