This is a weekly-ish newsletter featuring public service digital roles that have caught my attention (to borrow from Dan Hon). The roles I feature include product, agile, user research and design centric positions – I do NOT feature developer or technical architect roles really.

The newsletter had been on TinyLetter since 2017 but unfortunately that is not long for this world so it has moved here to Ghost.

The list is not automated in any way – I read a LOT of job ads for every edition and pick the 10 I like best based on my own weird criteria that changes week to week. Nobody sponsors it or pays for inclusion (though I do occasionally feature roles for friends who ask nicely!). If I really dislike, distrust or massively disagree an organisations policies or behaviours I won’t feature their vacancies and the same if I hear bad things about how people/teams are treated – on the flip side I try not to feature more than one role per org that I do like each week – as it gets unbalanced…I also try really hard to find interesting roles outside of London and as many remote roles as possible.

If you know a role you think should be included you can message me on BlueSky (@jukes.ie or digitalbydefault.jobs) or email me via the list. There needs to be at least a week remaining until the closing date from the weekend the newsletter goes out for me to consider it. I also prefer there to be salary, closing date and location information but I will make exceptions.