Internet of Public Service Jobs - 27/01/2024

Internet of Public Service Jobs - 27/01/2024
Public Service Internet jobs is a weekly list of vacancies related to product management, agile and design in…you guessed it…‘public service’ curated by @jukesie

[01] Executive Director
Central Digital and Data Office
Bristol, London, Manchester
Closing date: 11/02/2024

[02] Chief Digital Officer
London, Bristol, York, Newcastle
Closing date: 05/02/2024

[03] Head of Product
Social Security Scotland
Dundee or Glasgow
£83,725 - £84,858 
Closing date: 14/02/2024

[04] Head of User-Centred Design
Homes England
Bristol, Coventry, Guildford, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle or Northstowe
£63,731 - £74,977
Closing date: 05/02/2024

[05] Head of User Centred Design
UK Export Finance
£73,150 - £86,000
Closing date: 05/02/2024

Rachel Coldicutt talking AI Ethics, Tony Helluja sharing about building a HR Chatbot, Terry Desousa + Samantha Johnston discussing 450 days of tackling Local Plan representations and Phil Rumens gets beyond the AI hype for LocalGov
The evening of 8th February in Whitechapel, London

[06] Director, Digital Policy & Programmes
Department of Health and Social Care
Leeds or London
Closing date: 12/02/2024

[07] Digital Strategy and Transformation Manager
St Albans City and District Council
St Albans
£61,024 - £65,891
Closing date: 22/02/2024

[08] Product Manager
£39,532 - £45,798
Closing date: 11/02/2024

[09] Lead Interaction Designer
Planning Inspectorate
£58,326 - £63,418
Closing date: 04/02/2024

[10] User Researcher
Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities
Birmingham, Bristol, Darlington, Leeds, Manchester, Wolverhampton
Closing date: 09/02/2024

Week 04 and I'm thinking about organising a micro Govcamp in Bristol and encouraging folks to grab an invite to BlueSky (as research and promotion for this newsletter is one of the big reasons I can't totally leave Twitter yet - and I really want to!)

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