Internet of Public Service Jobs - 18/05/2024

Internet of Public Service Jobs - 18/05/2024
Internet of Public Service Jobs is a weekly list of vacancies related to product management, agile and design in…you guessed it…‘public service’ curated by @jukesie

[01] Head of Product
NHS England
Leeds, London, or Exeter
£83,571 - £96,376
Closing date: 27/05/2024

[02] Head of Digital, Data and Technology (Shadow Football Regulator)
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
£56,462 - £65,169
Closing date: 03/06/2024

[03] Cyber Programme Delivery Manager
£41,418 - £49,498
Closing date: 02/06/2024

[04] Director of Service Transformation 
Remote UK
Closing date: 14/06/2024

[05] Lead Product Manager - GOV.UK App
Government Digital Service
Bristol, London, Manchester
£64,700 - £79,073
Closing date: 23/05/2024

[06] Data/Product Manager
Remote UK
Closing date: 28/05/2024

[07] Head of User-Centred Design
The Pensions Regulator
£84,011 - £107,348
Closing date: 14/06/2024

[08] Senior Product Manager
Trade Remedies Authority
Closing date: 02/06/2024

[09] Director of Digital & Product
Private Healthcare Information Network
No salary information
No closing date

[10] Platform and service owner (Data Platforms)
£65,698 – £71,357
Closing date: 03/06/2024

>> Week 20 was a rollercoaster.

>> I blogged about blogging and want you to join me.

>> 10 years ago I gave my first proper conference talk - and peaked on my debut.

>> Neil Williams - one of the biggest OKR advocates I know - linked to a post that sums up my ill will towards them. It includes this quote that sums up the current state of product management to me;
I wish teams did not feel the pressure to adopt complex frameworks that are constraining them and slowing them down.

>> Dan wrote a lovely, thoughtful post about his post-Covid, post-Twitter thoughts on engaging with the (public service) internet.

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